Cafe Aquatica on Onno Bamboo
Pepple's Donuts
Canyon PO
black on black
single pass white
Costalots tanks
rotten city discharge printing
Homeroom mac & cheese
Invisible City w/ gold shimmer
Ancient Organics w/ size print
Pedal Express
Sow The City
Gneiss Wood w/ size tag print
Rotten City Pizza
Bad Habits
Bike Mobile
4-color process 30's pinball logo / Pacific Pinball Musuem
Canyon School
Stranded Records

Printing Apparel

Forthrite has been printing custom apparel since 2007.

For us, it’s about making great looking shirts. We make it quick and easy to get your design print-ready and on the press. Layout and pre-press come standard with all orders.

Click below to find out more about how to get your shirts printed, or close this window to see some recent work.

T-shirt Pricing

To start we’ve priced two of our most requested styles as a rough guide. For additional styles and garments please get a quote. Set-up included at $35 per color.

T-Shirts - One Color Sweatshirts - One Color +Print Colors
Fruit of the Loom / ALSTYLE BELLA + CANVAS JERZEES or Locations
Quantity White Colors 3001 J996 pullover per color,
20 8.33 9.33 +2.00 20.33 3.16
24 8.00 9.00 - 22.00 3.00
36 7.30 8.30 - 21.30 2.95
48 7.05 8.05 - 21.05 2.70
72 6.85 7.85 - 20.85 2.50
100 6.55 7.55 - 18.55 2.00
150 6.05 7.05 - 18.05 1.75
200 5.95 6.95 - 17.50 1.50
300 5.60 6.60 - 17.30 1.00
500 5.30 6.30 - 17.00 .75

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Choosing T-shirts

If you have a favorite T-shirt brand, we can probably get it. Below are the brands we’ve trusted for years with consistently good results at a variety of prices.

Click on the brands below to check out their shirt selections.

Fabric Inks

For garment printing we use environmentally responsible Union mixopake inks.

We use the Pantone matching system to achieve accurate mixed color upon request. Printed Pantone books are considered the accurate reference point.

If you’d like an online reference, check out Cal Print’s online Pantone guide.

Each printed color requires set-up of the film and screen. Pantone mixing is $30 per color.

File Preparation

Once you’re ready to send in artwork you’re welcome to send the original files at print ready size (300 dpi at final size, minimum) from either PDF’s, Illustrator or Photoshop files.

JPEGs would be a last resort, because images lose quality when compressed.

You can send files via email, or upload them via our Get a Quote form.

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